EU4’te 1.26 Yamasındaki Görev ve Ulusal Fikir Değişiklikleri

Europa Universalis IV günlüklerinde bu hafta Tibet ve Novgorod görevleri ile bazı Hintli ulusal fikirlerde yapılan değişikliklere dair bilgi veriliyor.

Herkese iyi günler! Yaz tatili sonrası Paradox’taki çalışmalar hızlanmaya başldı. Bugün eklediğimiz görevlerden ve daha önce göstermediğimiz ulusal fikirlerden bahsedeceğiz.

Öncelikle, görevlerden Mayıs’taki günlükte bahsetmiştik ama yenilediğimiz Tibet bölgesine de belirli görevler eklemek istiyorduk. Hindistan’daki tüm önemli ülkeler kendi görev ağaçlarına sahip, küçük ülkelerde de kuzey güney ayrımı var ama Tibet’teki görevler ile hiç ilgilenmemiştik. Bu yüzden 1.26 Mughals yamasına Tibet görev ağacını ekledik.


Bu görevler çoğunlukla bölünmüş Tibet topraklarını bir araya getirmekle ve Tibet’in tarihteki en geniş topraklarına ulaşmasıyla ilgili. Bu sınırlara ulaşmak istiyorsanız Çin’deki, Hindistan’daki ve steplerdeki ülkelerle kafa kafaya gelmeye hazırlıklı olmalısınız. Görev ödülleri ise bahsedilen topraklar üzerinde hak iddiaları, gelişme, ilginç eventler ve büyük askeri bonuslar veriyor.

Tibet’in de eklenmesiyle görevler eklenen veya değiştirilen ülkelerin listesi böyle gözüküyor:

  • Vijayanagar
  • Bahmaniler
  • Delhi
  • Orissa
  • Bengal
  • Babürler
  • Mewar
  • Hindustan
  • Gujarat
  • Malwa
  • Taungu
  • Bharat
  • Tibet (bedava)
  • Kuzey Hintliler (bedava)
  • Güney Hintliler (bedava)
  • Muscovy (Third Rome)
  • Novgorod (Third Rome)
  • Rusya (Third Rome)
  • Küçük Rus ülkeleri (Third Rome)

Ruslar için en son Muscovy -> Rusya görev ağacını gösterdiğimiz için şimdi de Novgorod’a bakalım. Ne de olsa Novgorod ile güçlenip Muscovy’i kontrol altında tutmak büyük bir başarı.


Novgorod’un görevleri daha çok Baltık hakimiyeti kurmak ve bölgenin ticaret merkezi olmak ile ilgili. Görevler konusunda bir bakıma Muscovy’den daha özgürler. Muscovy kendi görevlerini gerçekleştirebilir, Rusya’yı kurup onun görevlerine sahip olabilir veya önce birini sonra diğerini yapabilir.

Şimdi de fikirlere (idea) bakalım. Ulusal fikirlerde yapılan değişiklikler her zaman olduğu gibi bedava. Birçok fikir grubuna bakmış olsak da bunlar daha çok kurulabilir ülkelerin fikirleriydi, şimdi biraz da normal ülkelere bakalım.


Sindh, Junagarh (Gujarati grubu) Mysore and Patna (Garjati grubu) fikirlerine bakalım. Neden bunlar? Çünkü bunların hepsi daha sonraki bir günlükte bahsedeceğimiz belli Dharma başarımlarıyla ilgili ülkeler. Bakalım bu başarımları tahmin edebilecek misiniz?

Sindh İdeaları

Tradition: Land Forcelimit Modifier +%25
Tradition: Missionaries +1

  1. Yearly Legitimacy +1
  2. Missionary Strength +%2
  3. Merchant Trade Power +5
  4. Tolerans to the True Faith +1
  5. Yearly Corruption -0.10
  6. Construction Cost -%10
  7. Mercenary Discipline +%2.5

Ambition: National Manpower Modifier +%15

Sindh_ideas =
start =
land_forcelimit_modifier = 0.25
missionaries = 1

bonus =
global_manpower_modifier = 0.15

snd_enduring_dynasty =
legitimacy = 1
"Sindh's Samma dynasty has endured through the centuries. Tracing their descent to legendary Rajput warriors, they have endured the rule of the Delhi Sultans for over a century. Now that Delhi has collapsed, the ambitions of the Samma dynasty can finally be realized."

snd_bab_ul_islam =
global_missionary_strength = 0.02
"As one of the first in India to accept the word of the Prophet, the rulers of Sindh carry the duty of spreading the wisdomm of the Quran to the people. Along the Indus river we have already been successful in this task, but now we must look beyond our borders for new khafirs to convet."

snd_gujarati_connections =
placed_merchant_power = 5
"Our nations fortunes are tied both politically and economically to those of Gujart. We must develop strong ties with Gujarat's most influential merchants to ensure that we are extracting maximum profit from trade in both the Arabian sea and along the Indus river."

snd_makli_necropolis =
tolerance_own = 1
"The Makli Necropolis is the site of the Tomb of Shaikh Jamali, a renowned Sufi saint. Since his death, the rulers of Thatta have begun a tradition of constructing new tombs for themselves on the Makli Hill in the hope that proxiimity to the venerated saint will improve their standing with Allah. We must continue to add new monuments to the Necropolis."

snd_end_judicial_corruption =
yearly_corruption = -0.1
"It has come to our attention that jjudicial authorities are taking payments from plaintiffs and defendants alike to secure favorable verdicts. They claim that they are forced to do this to augment their meager incomes. Upon review, it seems that we are indeed underpaying these authorities. A general rise in pay for public workers should reduce instances of corruption in our government."

snd_oversee_rise_of_thatta =
build_cost = -0.1
"The city of Thatta has the potential to be a great center of culture and trade. We must invent in its infrastructure, its economy, and its religious institutions."

snd_recruit_baloch_tribesmen =
mercenary_discipline = 0.025
"The tribes of Baluchistan have been both enemies and allies of Sindh for generations, their allegiances shifting with the sands. We should approach some of the tribes with an offer; we will pay them well to fight for us, so long as the tribes remain on friendly terms with our nation."

Gujarat Prenslikleri İdeaları

Tradition: Merchants +1
Tradition: Fort Maintenance -%15

  1. Cavalry Combat Ability +%10
  2. Domestic Trade Power +%10
  3. Interest Per Annum -1
  4. Diplomatic Reputation +1
  5. Tolerance to the True Faith +1
  6. Yearly Legitimacy +1
  7. Trade Range +%20

Ambition: Trade Efficiency +%20

Gujarati Princedom Ideas =
start =
merchants = 1
fort_maintenance_modifier = -0.15

bonus =
trade_efficiency = 0.1

guj_kathiawari_horses =
cavalry_power = 0.1
"The horses bred on the Kathiawar peninsular are particularly suited to desert warfare. They are able to endure scorching heat, require minimal feeding, and are able to endure journeys over great distances. We must ensure that there are always enough of these steeds for our cavalrymen to ride into battle."

guj_trading_outposts =
global_own_trade_power = 0.1
"The proximity of the west Indian coast to Arabia opens up opportunities for trade. Merchants being as fickle as they are, we need not conquer existing trading hubs to attract their attention. If we establish our own trading posts and enact policies favorable to foreign merchants, they can be persuaded to do business with us instead of our rivals."

guj_jain_bankers =
interest = -1
"The Jains coontinue to be persecuted throughout much of India, but they shall find a safe haven in the Gujarati kingdoms. Fair treatment of the Jain community has won us the respect of wealthy Jain banking families, who are prepared to offer favorable interest rates to our nation."

guj_rajput_dynasties =
diplomatic_reputation = 1
"Rajput clans have entrenched themselves in Gujarati politics. Their ancient customs and feuds are often a source of tension, but they also lend us credence as a nation relevant to the wider political world."

guj_protect_dwarkadhish_temple =
tolerance_own = 1
"One of the most immportant pilgrimage sites in the Hindu faith, the Dwarkadhish Temple is dedicated to the god Krishna. Regardless of its present custodian, all the Gujarati kingdoms have a responsibility to ensure that it is not sakc or looted by foreign invaders. Fulfilling this duty ensures the continued faith and loyalty of our Hindu subjects."

guj_ashapura_mata =
legitimacy = 1
"Worship of the goddess Ashapura Mata is almost exclusive to Gujarat. She is regarded as the guardian deity of the region, and so respect must be paid to her if we wish our rule to be seen as legitimate by the Gujarati people."

guj_african_trade =
trade_range_modifier = 0.2
"Gujarati traders have established trading routes that extend to the far corners of Asia. Some have even found their way to East Africa, where they trade in ivory, gold, and slaves. We must ensure that the riches of Africa find their way into our coffers."

Mysore İdeaları

Morale of Armies +%10
Tradition: Morale of Armies +%10
Tradition: Leaders without Upkeep +1

  1. Core-Creation Cost -%10
  2. Yearly Legitimacy +1
  3. Tolerance of Heathens +2
  4. Goods Produced Modifier +%10
  5. Land Fire Damage +%10
  6. Military Free Policies +1
  7. Diplomatic Reputation +1

Ambition: Discipline +%5

Mysorian_ideas =
start =
land_morale = 0.1
free_leader_pool = 1

bonus =
discipline = 0.05

mys_unification_of_mysore =
core_creation = -0.1
"The Mysore plateau, once known as Gangavadi after an ancient dynasty, have been home to strong kingdoms for as long as anyone can remember. Today it is home to both Uddiyars and Ummaturs as well as many other groups. We must unite all of these groups and aim to expand together into the Deccani upland."

mys_patronize_kannada_literature =
legitimacy = 1
"As the major Kannada court we have come to attract many great poets and authors of the beautiful Kannada language. We must patronize and spread Kannada literature and plays, acting as the primary benefactor for the culture of the people of Karnataka."

mys_religious_tolerance =
tolerance_heathen = 2
"We must not let ourselves be caught up in religious strife. Anyone who can serve the state of Mysore must have a place in our country. If we can win the loyalty of all our subjects, and not just those of the true faith, then we will have a solid base to stand on as an expansionist power. Let us donate lavishly to holy places of all religions within our borders and encourage giving out offices regardless of which faith the holder would have."

mys_reform_silk_industry = global_trade_goods_size_modifier = 0.1 "While the Mysorean economy is strong in many ways we envy the silk industries of Bengal and Gujarat. The best way to improve and support our domestic production might be to send forth agents to study how others have fared and then implement reforms to mimik these things in our own way. Together with the excellent craftsmanship of our own artisans this should allow our economy to flourish."

mys_rockets =
fire_damage = 0.1
"The use of Rockets is nothing new in India but recent advances in metallurgy and chemistry has allowed us to pioneer the use of rockets in close combat. By equipping our troops with this new weapon, and by making sure we regularly practice their use, we will have an edge on any battlefield, siege or ambush."

mys_reform_mysorean_army =
free_mil_policy = 1
"None can question the courage or weaponry of the Mysorean soldier, and yet there are areas we might improve for our armed forces. Let us send forth officers to study in foreign countries so that they might observe what innovations others are employing on the battlefield. Drill, discipline and coordination are all areas in which we might adopt the ways of foreign powers, while adapting them to the realities of an Indian battlefield."

mys_dynamic_diplomacy =
diplomatic_reputation = 1
"No country can exist in isolation, and a kingdom such as ours can attract many greedy rivals. It is time we look for allies overseas, as it seems few of our neighbors would like to contribute further to our rise to power."

Garjati İdeaları

Tradition: National Tax Modifier +%10
Tradition: Hostile Core-Creation Cost on us +%50

  1. Fort Defense +%15
  2. Yearly Legitimacy +1
  3. National Manpower Modifier +%15
  4. Development Cost -%10
  5. Infantry Combat Ability +%10
  6. Tolerance of the True Faith +2
  7. Goods Produced Modifier +%10

Ambition: Stability Cost Modifier -%10

garjati_ideas =
start =
global_tax_modifier = 0.1
enemy_core_creation = 0.5

bonus =
stability_cost_modifier = -0.1

securing_defenses_central_indic =
fort defense = 0.15
"Many would consider controlling the hills and jungles of Gondwana, Jharkhand and the Garjats a daunting task and it is true that holding our realm together isn't always easy.\nThe key to doing so lies in controlling and maintaining the many little forts that dot these regions.\nBy securing the loyalty of the chieftains in control of these forts, and making sure they have what they need to keep them in good shape, we can be sure to be able to resist even quite powerful enemies."

garjati_ancient_mandalas =
legitimacy = 1
"For centuries the Garjat country has been divided into a number of Mandalas, and while their origin is now a distant mystery they remain the central points to which many of the smaller tribes and states in this region are loyal. Regardless who has conquered or expanded into Orissa or the Garjat country these structures makes rule both more efficient and less full of friction than it would otherwise be."

garjati_tribal_feudatories =
global_manpower_modifier = 0.15
"The political landscape of the Garjats can seem hard to understand to some. We are able to call in troops from a much wider area than our geographic extent would at first indicate, as there are feudatories loyal to us all over this country."

garjati_extend_tanks_and_reservoirs =
development_cost = -0.1
"Not all lands under our control could be called fertile and suited for agriculture. Especially not if one compared them to the lowlands of the Mahanadi Delta or the Indo-Gangetic plain. For this reason kings and princes have for centuries spent whatever money they had on the construction of great tanks and reservoirs.\nWe must continue this tradition and invest what we can into such things, ensuring that we can have a productive agricultural sector even in lands such as these."

garjati_jungle_warfare =
infantry_power = 0.1
"The Garjat country is dissimilar from many parts of the subcontinent in that it is wilder, and less settled. Jungles and hills cover the entire region and traditional cavalry is much less useful here. Instead we have come to devise our own mode of warfare, reliant on small scale raiding, elephants, and good knowledge of a land that is hard to scout. As we expand we must adapt these skills to new areas, never forgetting that through such tactics even a small army can defeat a much larger foe."

garjati_jagannath_cult =
tolerance_own = 2
"Our lands are in general more open to various religions and cults than many others but the cult of Jagannath, the ‘Lord of the Universe’, transcends faith and time. This deity has protected us and our ancestors for many generations and while some might find our worship a bit unorthodox it unifies the entire region as one."

garjati_patronize_economic_growth =
global_trade_goods_size_modifier = 0.1
"Some would claim that the Garjat country is not rich but there are in fact a great number of natural resources under our control. There are few places as abundant in good timber as the hills of our people and for many years it has been the primary export of this region. We must encourage the growth and effectivisation of the timber industry and further capitalize on one of our greatest assets."

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